Report: Alexander signs extension is reporting that Houston Alexander has signed a new three-fight contract with the UFC. Alexander had been contracted to more fights under his original entry-level contract but it appears the UFC saw fit to give him a bump in pay. The first fight on the contract will take place at UFC 75 against Alessio Sakara on September 8 in London.

I find the move to be a mild surprise because even though I think Alexander earned a better deal following his fight against Keith Jardine, it isn’t like the UFC to re-do a deal for a fighter who is relatively unproven. If a guy outperforms his pay the UFC has a tendency to reward him through bonuses such as fight of the night and knockout of the night. Dana White has been particularly generous the last few cards as he awarded multiple bonuses for fight of the night and knockout of the night.

The fact that they would break from tradition for Alexander shows that they think highly of him.


One Response to “Report: Alexander signs extension”

  1. Darin Curtis Says:

    I see there are no existing comments on this page? That is interesting to me because I think Alexander’s UFC opening fight, was the most explosive performance I have ever seen in any MMA bout. Houston Alexander is deadly. His quote is probably as true as any, to come out of a fighters mouth after a win or loss. “Pure Punching Power!!” If anyone should get a title shot it is Houston Alexander. Why would Dan Henderson or any other 205lbs der get a shot at Rampage, before Houston? I know he has only been in the Octagon one time but obviously he new the outcome before he walked into the Stop sign!

    His type of explosive, fast twitch muscle power is like no one I have ever seen fight. I am not sure if he has a natural build (genetics) or if he spends extensive time in the weight room but regardless, I bet he benches close to four bills and probably squats a good size farm animal. I am an ex college football player and coach, so I have seen some decent athletes in my time but this guy at 35 is a speciman. If time permits, he will beat Jackson and probably be a performer as he ages, similier to Lidell and or the current heavy weight champ. I also like the way he was completely pumped, probably like an adrenaline rush that 95% of the human race can’t even relate to. He still gave Keith Jardine credit and managed to stay incredibly modest, yet excited during that intense moment!

    Houston, if your reading this, Nebraska is in the house but in Ft Worth TX Anyone who takes this man lightly is foolish and I bet if you put Rampage and Alexander in the Octagon right now, there would be a new man on top! He is a 4 sure player a 205 and deserves the money Dana White was so glad to give him!

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